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06.29.2019 | Advanced Gunshot Wound Course

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Event Details

The Advanced First Aid for Gunshot Wounds is an in depth course for the participant to learn how to recognize, evaluate and treat the 3 most likely causes of preventable death due to penetrating trauma – 1) massive bleeding, 2) airway obstruction, and 3) chest injuries resulting in tension pneumothorax.

The 6 hour course is a mixture of lecture, skill sessions, and scenario training. Participants will progress through various stations and scenarios at a "crawl, walk, run" pace which allows for skill development and learning.

The objective of the class is not to offer instruction on basic first aid, but to teach the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care so that participants are able to effectively assume the role of a "Bystander First Responder" and render effective aid during the critical first minutes following a life threatening injury, before professional help arrives. CPR and first aid principles are not taught during this course.

No prior medical training is necessary to participate. All necessary training materials will be provided as this is a "hands on" course of instruction.

Topics covered:

  • Patient assessment
  • Patient movement
  • Massive bleeding and hemorrhage control
  • Improvised tourniquets
  • Methods of applying a trauma dressing
  • Airway obstruction and maintaining an open airway
  • Evaluation and treatment of sucking chest wounds and tension pneumothorax
  • Management of abdominal injuries
  • Methods of treating hypothermia
  • Pediatrics
  • Items to include in a trauma kit


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