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01.22.2018 | First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

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Event Details

Learn First Aid for Gunshot Wounds with Author Rick Hammesfahr, M.D. — Full Course (3 Hours)

Live and in-person, one of the leaders in tactical medicine is here to teach YOU how to save a life after a gunshot wound.

Join Dr. Rick Hammesfahr, the former chairman of the Curriculum and Examination Board (CEB) for the United States Special Operations Command as he teaches you the techniques that are saving the lives of U.S. soldiers and law enforcement around the world today.

As a member of the Board of Advisors for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (the civilian version of Tactical Combat Casualty Care), Dr. Hammesfahr has taken the techniques and protocols developed for USSOCOM and implemented them for law enforcement in the form of Tactical Emergency Medical Support Teams.

In the course you will learn:

  • How to treat a gunshot wound to an arm or leg
  • How to treat a gunshot wound to the chest or abdomen
  • How to treat a gunshot wound to the head or neck
  • How to control shock and place a victim into a safe position until EMS arrives

This special event gives you the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with Dr. Hammesfahr, and ask questions and get answers directly from the developer of the First Aid for Gunshot Wounds curriculum.

At the event U.S. LawShield will be giving away a gunshot wound first aid kit valued at $155 every hour. Guests will also have one of the first opportunities to purchase First Aid for Gunshot Wounds the book and have it autographed by Dr. Hammesfahr during an exclusive book signing. Each guest will also go home with one of the most important life-saving devices, a windlass training tourniquet.

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