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11.27.2018 | CANCELLED

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Point of Contact Critical Wound Care for Public Safety Practitioners

In today’s unpredictable and corrosive working environment, public safety first responders face many dangers, including increasingly high numbers of active shooter incidents resulting in critical injury to themselves, victims, witnesses, and suspects. The objective of this course is providing essential critical wound care at the point of injury and increasing survivability for first responders, while allowing them to “stay in the fight.” Certified tactical medics with years of experience “down range” will teach students comprehension of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and priority of actions required prior to providing essential emergency medical care, performance of the MARCH rapid trauma assessment protocol, recognition and control of bleeding from an extremity through proper application of tourniquets, control of hemorrhagic bleeding through use of hemostatic gauze, proper opening, clearing, and maintaining airways, assessment and treatment of a penetrating chest wound, and assessment and treatment for shock. All training is designed for first responders with little to no medical experience and is presented in an easy-to-learn format, ensuring students retain the information for use when it is critically needed. This course is essential for all public safety disciplines and members at all ranks. It is a 4-hour TCOLE certified course delivered free of charge.


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