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Civilian Response To An Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incident

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Civilian Response to Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incidents

Becoming an Active Participant in Your Own Rescue. This course focuses on members of the community who frequent restaurants, hospitals, theaters, churches, convenience stores and other locations considered soft, vulnerable targets by domestic and international terrorists. Our cadre of police special operations practitioners will teach civilians to recognize the need for constant situational awareness, the difference between Denial, Deliberation, and Decisive Action, and the tactics essential to being an active participant in their own safety - Run, Hide, and Fight. This course teaches students the history of domestic and international mass casualty incidents, and their impact on public safety response in the US today. It also explains the mind-set of persons bent on causing serious bodily injury or death to multiple victims and how situational awareness assists the public in recognizing potential for disaster. This course is 3 hours and free of charge. .


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