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Event Details

Constitutional Carry: Are you ready?

Starting November 1st, Constitutional Carry went into effect in the Sonner State. What does the change in the law mean for you, the way you carry, and the places you go?

Come get information you can trust from a real, professional U.S. LawShield® Independent Program Attorney, live and in person. In our two to three-hour seminar, you'll learn the essentials on Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma:

  • Who can and can't carry a gun in Oklahoma?

    • How old do you have to be?

    • Are residents and nonresidents treated differently?

    • What might disqualify you?

  • Are permits still available, and does it do you any good to have one?

  • How does Constitutional Carry affect you when you cross state lines?

  • What places are off-limits if you're armed?

    • Are there special rules for your home, car, or workplace?

    • How do “no guns” signs affect you?

  • Does it matter if your gun is concealed or visible?

  • Are rifles and handguns treated differently?

  • And much more!

We want you to carry with confidence, so we've set aside time for Q&A with the attorney so you'll get the answers you need. Find out why thousands of responsible gun owners stay informed and empowered by coming to U.S. LawShield® events. Seating is limited and can fill quickly, so register today and tell your friends and family!


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