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06.21.2019 | Public Safety-1st Response To Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incident

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Public Safety First Response to Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incidents

A Comprehensive Look at Effective Response Strategies and Tactics. This course focuses on public safety response to incidents requiring multi-agency assistance and teamwork to stop the killing and dying while evacuating a "hot" zone, using Unified Command objectives to meld resources together rapidly and effectively. Our instructors include subject matter experts from law enforcement, fire/rescue, and emergency medical services with extensive experience managing critical incidents "down range." Students will learn the value of mutual aid and how implementing Incident Command Systems, Multi-agency Coordination, and Joint Information Systems/Centers can make managing a catastrophe far less chaotic. Comprehensive understanding and application of the National Incident Management System was mandated by Homeland Security Presidential Directives 5 and 8 during the G.W. Bush administration and remain in effect today. This is a 4-hour TCOLE certified course and free of charge. The name you enter will be how your name appears on your completion certificate. This is a Law Enforcement Officer only training.


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